Having IT Problem?
Let us worry about Technology so you can focus what matters the most

Need IT Support today? We are proud to offer same-day service to get you back up and running. 

We know that small and medium-sized businesses need a lot more than just basic IT services. From the installation of new IT systems to configuration and hot testing replacement equipment we offer flexible solutions for your needs.

Is your business vulnerable to hackers and ransomware? The time has come for you to start thinking about protecting yourself and your customer information. We are equipped with the latest technology and an expert team to protect your business digitally.

In the ever-changing world of technology, there are new ways to access our data. Experience accessing your data anywhere – anytime. No longer tied to your on-premises servers you can work anywhere at any time.

Nubetech is the answer for all of your Business IT tech support needs. Whether it’s a simple repair or an entire overhaul, we have you covered with high-quality service that will leave satisfied customers every time!

We here at Nubetech pride ourselves on providing exceptional tech support no matter what level of expertise one may be expected- to operate within their industry verticals; from small businesses who need help just getting started up through large corporations looking beyond basic maintenance, contracts while still meeting everyone’s individual expectations along the way -no request goes unanswered.

Here's How We Do It

We Understand
Your Business

We work together with you to understand what is critical to your business and what keeps you up at night. Then we develop a plan to give you peace of mind.

Keep I.T. Simple

We make IT Services a breeze for anyone to handle. Experts are at your fingertips to answer your questions. Get the answers that you need, when you need it, at an affordable, fixed low monthly fee.

Great People Who Know Technology

Working with passionate people who go above and beyond is the difference between a good decision and an amazing one. We become an extended family to your organization.

We Solve Problems Before They Happen

With proper analysis and planning, we can prevent problems from ever occurring. Anticipating and solving technology problems is just what we do.

Unmatched Services

Getting awesome service is how your organization will change from the support experience you were used to into a brand new day of quality support.

We Provide the Right Technology

Every business is different, but choosing technologies is never an issue, as we only provide you with choices that we know is right for your business.

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Mahina Monsur Jhinuk
Mahina Monsur Jhinuk
Very good and helpful
Kyle Howell-Zobel
Kyle Howell-Zobel
They were extremely helpful and despite having a complex problem they worked through and fixed our internet devices! would definitely reccomend
Ant Fan
Ant Fan
I spoke to Antonio via text we spoke about the problem with the laptop and he scheduled me an appointment To come in I took it he looked at it gave me my turnaround time repaired it it needed a hard drive I was able to pick it up the next day as he said very professional young man I would definitely recommend him to other people
Thomas H
Thomas H
Excellent job analyzing and improving my network